Let's Make Some DLC Together

Delve Deeper DLC

The Skinny

Become a creator. Lunar Giant is looking to put out a fan-created installation of Delve Deeper downloadable content (DLC) for free. That means you, the player, gets to create maps and/or relics that everyone will see! Here's what you get if your work is selected for the DLC:

10 winners will be selected by us. Registration ends October 1. Contest ends October 31.

Excellent. So Where Do I Start?

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How About Some Resources?

What Are the Guidelines?

The rules are pretty simple.

Submit Your Maps Here. One submission consists of 1 custom map and 5 relics. Each map and relic should follow the guidelines laid out in the resources provided above. Any Questions? E-mail us.

What Have People Already Made?

Submit Your Maps Here

Name Description
Eric Lemelin Map Submission: Jellycide on Ooze-Akis.

Relics Submissions: Dib'Muad, Vladimir's Flying Harness, Hulud'Shai Water of Life, Weirding Module, Spice Harvester

Meatboy Relics Submissions: Dori's Delightful Draught, Golin's Gob-O-Matic, Balin's Baleful Boots, Cube of Aged Goblin Lung Butter, Thorin's Mighty Mithril Toe Socks

Jonathan Williams Map Submission: Three Towers.

Relics Submissions: Scything Blade of Destruction, Book of Snow, Book of Odd, Glass Cannon, Box of Jellies

Jonathan Williams Map Submission: Shipbored.

Relics Submissions: Skrogs Knitting Needle, Pointy Pokey Stick, Rune of Personal Magnetism, Cadbury's Cauldron, Dwarven Songbook Volume Three

Jonathan Williams Map Submission: Hollow Mountain.

Relics Submissions: Grimlars Goloshes, Monty's Muffins, Dwarven XXXX Mithril Brew, Dwarven Waybread, Blue Faerie

Richard Cumberland Map Submission: Gnome Shopping Mall.

Relics Submissions: Yggdrasil's Yggnog, Goblin Puzzlebox, The Spare Toe of Jimmy Sixtoes, Large Dragon Molar, Mithril Beard Clips

Jonathan Williams Map Submission: Starter Home.

Relics Submissions: Dwarven Song Book (Vol Whatever), Dwarven Song Book (Vol Whatever +1), Hole Punch Art, Mr Pipplewits Rotating Crossbow of Pain Dispensation, The Dog Yeller

Jonathan Williams Map Submission: Noughts & Crosses.

Relics Submissions: Rampart's Guide to Crenellation, Mr Pumpkins Patch, Pointi Icebreaker's Guide to Pick Design, Glass Shield, Clockwork Chicken